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Exposed: 3 Reasons Why Pasuma was Chosen and Saheed Osupa Dumped for Lagos at 50 Celebrations

Lagos State was created in 1967 alongside others from the former Western Region of Nigeria and the 50th anniversary was held this year with a lot of activities by the administration of Akinwunmi Ambode, Lagos State governor. ONN embarked on research and sought the opinion of policy makers on the reasons for the inclusion of OGANLA 1 and the dumping of Saheed Osupa.

GENEROSITY: Pasuma has been adjudged as one of the most generous entertainers in the country unlike Saheed Osupa taunted as being stingy and selfish; As a matter of fact Pauma has a foundation that takes care of the less privileged and sponsors those desirous of learning skills through a vocational institute located in Sango area of Ogun State. 20 students benefit annually but this was increased to 50 students to mark the 50th birthday of the man with a large heart. Osupa has never been identified with any. Government felt a man who helps without asking for a return is a worthy ambassador of Lagos State.

POLITICS: Saheed Osupa is known to be a goal digger when it comes to promoting candidates for election , he jumps from one party to the other in a bid to extort whatever he could earn from anybody regardless of whether the person in question is not the right candidate or a person that would do harm to the common citizen. For instance, he sang praises for the former President Goodluck Jonathan and PDP in the 2015 presidential electioneering period even when it was glaring that the electorate was desirous of a better security apparatus and an end to corruption. Pasuma according to experts has been a man of integrity as he hardly sings for any politician that would not add value or pursue ideology that could benefit the common man. This also knocked Saheed Osupa out of Lagos at 50.

ACCEPTABILITY: Pasuma has a natural aura that attracts and endears him to any Nigerian music lover unlike Saheed Osupa whose sources of inspiration are the touts, the gangsters, and the dropouts who are menace to the society. Pasuma is known to be the only musician and indeed a Fuji Music star that has collaborated with virtually all other music artiste genres. He once did collaboration with a Christian gospel musician and has been invited to perform a crusade of the Christians despite his background as an Islamic faithful. He is so popular that that people hardly speak evil of him unlike Saheed Osupa who believes everybody is an enemy. People close Osupa say that if an innocent bird tries to berth close to him, he would chant all sorts of incantations with a mind that the witches must have sent such creature to harm him. Pauma’s popularity, cool-headedness and respect for the young and old are the key factors that earned him as one of the recognized personalities for Lagos at 50 celebrations.

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  1. this is rubbish,y on earth will u b judging without moving closer to both of them,but remember that one food is one poison..

  2. All what you people said about Saheed when only God can George all of us because no body perfect

  3. Lolz and k1 too abi? Because k1 also did not Play at Lagos at 50 also tuface, wizkid, davido, sefiu and others. Lolz. This Pasuma fans can not stop amazing. You and your boss have been trying to put Osupa down but God is always beside him ever since. Pasuma mother also tried her best but now she’s now imbecile. Don’t forget that osupa played for like 6 political parties last election because they see quality in him not like Pasuma that can not compose two lines. No matter what you do Osupa remain Number one The most talented fuji musician. Pasuma is noise maker.

    • keep shut@ yemi,mind how u contribute to matters,calling an elderly one imbecile,i beleive u have ur parent aswell,how will u feel if they are called imbeciles,meanwhile pasuma’s mother is old enough to be ur grandma…pls caution urself

  4. Osupa don’t have time for free show bro Lagos @ 50! Is volunteering show for interested musicians/artists so don’t say nonsense here we all know that it from Paso fans. KSO is a father for them ooo

  5. This story is bladderdash. Who gave these reasons? Didn’t Pasuma play for PDP in Ogun and Oyo states? Look for something better to write.

  6. Hatred misconceptions. Go and buy brain OK.

  7. Pasuma is always and will always be the pasuma of music, nonstop music baba of the time

  8. Tel pasuma to stop living a fake life. Osupa is the most generous man ever.

  9. All what I believe is this,

    (1).both of them pasuma and osupa de are playing game
    (2).taking people selling market
    (3).pasuma his not talking his real age he just dey tell people that his now 50 that was lie
    (4).dey are just decieving people to make their money
    (5).pasuma make his age he said is now 50 all what I no is because of saheed osupa so that dey we not say osupa is not his age mate and because of other musicians

  10. loi gbayi oganla story for the god

  11. Mayowa Musbaudeen Abiodun

    In fact no more comment Osupa is the Best

  12. Mayowa Musbaudeen Abiodun

    Osupa is the best

  13. U re a liar,pasunma is an hypocrite, osupa is d best

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